Proper & Ethical Use Of Ch.E Designations

To add a Ch.E. post-nominal or certification to your business card or your resume requires you receive a recognized award; as such there are two specific types of awards available;

  • Academic award such as an MBA, PhD, M.Sc. etc. and
  • Board Certification or Professional Awards

To add the Chartered Economist Certification to your business card or your resume requires you receive a recognized “award”, each member must meet the good standing requirements. This means the marks or designation are owned by the IBS, Global Academy of Finance and Management and the Association of Certified Chartered Economists. ACCETM and members must comply with proper use regulations as contained below.

The Chartered Economist – Ch.ETM must be used appropriately of the Academy is to maintain control of their use and ensure that our high standards are adhered to. For the purpose of this discussion, we will use the core Ch.E qualification of Chartered Financial Economist (Ch.FE®)

The Ch.FE or Any GAFMTM mark must always be used as a Board Certification or Designation wherever possible. The full designation title should be used such as follows:

  • Benjamin Smith, Ch.FE® Chartered Financial Economist or
  • Evans Smith, Ch.FE® Chartered Financial Economist

The marks should not be used in the plural or in the possessive. If used in the abbreviated form, wherever possible use the trademark symbol next to the designation, such as Ch.FE® Chartered Financial Economist

In communication regarding your designation you may state that you are a Chartered Financial Economist Certification holder.

Fellows are not given the designation but are awarded the right to use the designation by the board. Fellows can use their designation along with the fellowship mark as follows: John Ali, MBA, CEPA®, FCCE®, (F-GAFM)