Continuing Education Requirements

Annually, each Ch.E. Charter holder and Associate members should complete 15hours or more of continuing education CE credits. Contained below is a list of education that counts towards CE credit with the GAFM. 6 hours would be equivalent to a 1 day seminar or conference event.

Members receive 1 point or credit for 1 equivalent hour of recognized training. Members may complete one of the below or a combination to fulfill their annual requirements.

  • IBS GAFM Approved conference counts full CE credit. This is an approved 1 or 2 day conference or seminar event that counts for 15 hours.
  • 15 hours of executive education from an approved provider or AACSB, ABA, EQUIS, or ACBSP accredited business school approved program.
  • Publish an article in the Ch.E Articles Journal or Qualified Peer Reviewed Journal.
  • Attend the Chartered Economist CPD or attend one of our global plan management conferences or summits.
  • Lead a training course or taught course or program in your field of Ch.E specialization. 1 hour = 3 credits